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On 25 and 26 April, Partner Antoine Logeay was delighted to be a speaker at the ‘Ho Chi Minh City International Construction Arbitration Conference 2024: Construction Contracts and International Arbitration – When Legal Traditions Collide’ (“HIAC2024”).

The two-day event, organized by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, the Society of Construction Law, and the Vietnam International Arbitration Center, brought together speakers from across the legal sector to discuss international perspectives on arbitration in construction.

Antoine was a panellist for the discussion on ‘Force Majeure, Fundamental Change of Circumstances and Exceptional Event’. Providing a French perspective, Antoine traced the origins and three fundamental criteria of force majeure in French law before going on to discuss recent reforms in 2016 in which force majeure was redefined and change of circumstances was included in the Civil Code. 

He later outlined the four main legal remedies and obligations to mitigate and inform other parties based on the general principle of good faith. Antoine also discussed the limitations of force majeure clauses and the circumstances in which it can be considered valid before sharing some thoughts on the situation in Vietnam and fielding questions from the audience.

Other panel sessions included conflicts between civil and common law in construction contracts, confidentiality and transparency in arbitration, penalties and damages, joinders and consolidations, the use of experts, and inquisitorial vs. adversarial styles.

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