Commercial Law

APFL & Partners’ lawyers provide legal advice on all aspects of commercial agreements (services distribution, software licensing, manufacturing, supply, maintenance and support, etc.), across a wide range of industry sectors.

In particular:

Our lawyers support day-to-day and strategic business activities of domestic and international companies by securing their commercial relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors located in Vietnam or abroad.

We have advised the major retailer in Vietnam in the distribution sector for the equipment of its supermarkets/hypermarkets and commercial centres with POS hardware/software and IT solutions for business management.

We can provide corporate governance, helping clients manage the responsibilities of running a corporation in the financial field.


Our experts in this area:

Senior Legal Counsel

Bernadette Fahy

Senior Legal Counsel
Partner based in Hanoi
Senior Associate based in Hanoi

Tran Thi Kim Luyen

Senior associate
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